Benefits of the Application Based Courses on Flinnt

Benefits of the Application Based Courses on Flinnt

Flinnt brings you a unique set of courses that resolve the biggest problem that students, educators and parents have been grappling with. Connecting what is being learnt in the school with what is happening in the real world.

The Application Based Courses on Flinnt develop interest and exposure in the learners and they also develop competitiveness. These courses are a comprehensive learning package with the following learning resources:

  • Daily posts connecting events and happenings in the real world with what you are learning at school.
  • Videos and quizzes mapped to the various topics in Maths, Science, and English
  • Monthly Quizzes and the final Online Olympiad in February to compete against the students from top schools across India.

We hope you enjoy the courses, you can learn more about the courses by going to the following links:

  1. Fostering interest in learning Maths, Science & English Read more
  2. What Parents have to say about Flinnt courses? Watch video
  3. An introduction to Flinnt courses Watch Video

Enjoy learning, collaborating and competing with the students of the top schools in India in the Application Based Courses on Flinnt.

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