Teach Online: Learning beyond Live Sessions

Teach Online: Learning beyond Live Sessions

We believe nothing comes close to classroom teaching, so when we can’t teach in the classroom and we are forced online, what do we do? We do what what is the next best option, teach live using video conferencing tools! So e-learning essentially becomes online teaching!

But educators who have become comfortable online do exactly what they would do in a classroom scenario, trying to facilitate learning:

  • Create a need to learn by sharing articles, links or videos that are related to the practical real life application of the concept being taught.
  • Provide a sequence of learning steps, leading from what the learner already knows to what is the intended learning outcome. Educators share short videos either self made or curated from YouTube, links to animated or interactive resources,
  • Provide a means to do self assessment by sharing an online quiz or a worksheet with a solution
  • Provide a means of collaboration by providing a group activity with an online presentation or a report as the final output.

On Flinnt we have provided you tools to do exactly the same. You can create a structured and sequenced learning path which will take the learner from interest to understanding.

Live teaching has its own benefits, choose when to do a live session and also upload the recorded session on Flinnt along with a variety of learning resources. See how teaching online quickly gets transformed to learning online, isn’t this what learner centered teaching is all about?

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