800 Kg of Khichdi and record breaking students

800 Kg of Khichdi and record breaking students

Sanjeev Kapoor will attempt at making a World Record by cooking 800 kilos of khichdi at the World Food India 2017. The Khichdi will not only satisfy the hunger of 60,000 children in Delhi but it is also providing the food for thought for more than 42,000 students on Flinnt.

  • Class 6 English: What adjectives would you use to describe the Record Breaking Khichdi? Amazing, Awesome, Excellent, Fabulous, Fantastic, Great, Incredible, Outstanding, Perfect, Remarkable, Spectacular, Splendid, Stupendous, Super, Ultimate, Unbelievable, Wondrous
  • Class 8 Mathematics: If the Kadhai in which Chef Sanjeev Kapoor is going to cook the Khichdi is 7ft in diameter and it has a volume of 1000 lt. What is the height of the Kadhai? (Assume it is a flat bottom Kadhai)
  • Class 5 Mathematics: If 800 Kg of Khichdi is going to be cooked and it is going to be served to 60,000 children. What is the amount of Khichdi that each child will get?
  • Class 6 Science: The world record attempt of Brand India prepared Khichdi will be prepared using Indian ingredients such as Chawal, Moong Dal, Amaranth, Jowar, Bajra, Jo, ghee and Indian spices. What are the components of food that are present in this Khichdi?

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