Using Jagga Jasoos to teach English

Using Jagga Jasoos to teach English

A new movie launch is preceded by a lot of promotion and a movie like Jagga Jasoos instantly grabs the attention of school children. In the Flinnt courses we used the promotional images, trailer and the movie reviews to enable students to learn English in a Fun way.

This image with Ranbir and Katrina on the raft with the elephant behind them was a great hit with all the 3rd and 4th graders as a means of learning prepositions.

This image with so many Ostriches was a great help to get the plurals with ‘es’ topic going.


The following extract from the movie review published in the Indian Express was a great means of making the learners make sense of opinion and also the use of adjectives and new vocabulary.

Given that Basu and Kapoor’s last outing was a real, honest-to-goodness film (Barfi), and having seen Kapoor’s willingness to submit to a part, Jagga Jasoos should have been a barrel of laughs.

But in its zeal to put together novel locations and exotic hot spots, Jagga Jasoos forgets to give us that crucial thing – a story. The good-looking leads are left to fend for themselves in a sinking plot, if you can call it that. What we get, with the exception of a few smiley moments, is an excruciatingly long, dull meander. 

We don’t know how the movie will be received by the box office, but the learners on our courses have already declared it a big hit as far as learning English is concerned.

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