Fostering interest in learning Maths, Science & English

Fostering interest in learning Maths, Science & English

When we grow up, we find that we are interested in many things that we probably were not interested when we were in school. Then we contemplate why wasn’t I interested in this, this is pretty interesting, I must not have been serious about my studies or probably my teacher didn’t teach me well. We don’t go beyond this.

If that was the case then why did you become interested now, after so many years. The true reason is not that you were not a serious student or that your teacher was not teaching you well. It was just that when we were in school we were not able to relate the topic to its relevance in real life. When we grew up, we were able to see the connect with life and suddenly the theory and application came together. That sparks off the interest.

If you were to ask any student why they are studying a particular unit, the standard answer will be, “because it is in the syllabus/it will be asked in the exam”. This is hardly something that can spark interest, it is nothing but a job to be done a chore to be finished.

Understanding the connection with real life, seeing its applicability in day to day happenings is one of the most important factors in sparking of interest in learning any topic. At OlympiadPlus we realize this and in each of our courses we connect day to day happenings with what is being learnt in Math, Science or English in a particular class.

Hence our courses spark of an interest to learn the subject, what better time than summer to create bar charts of temperatures or to work out the science behind sweat or ripening of fruits. So contextual learning is what makes students hooked to learning. Once the interest is sparked off, we are sure the learners will take control of their learning process.

This is not to suggest that rigor and practice or testing is not important. Our courses also provide testing for each unit, the tests also indicate the strengths/weaknesses and also provide comparative ranking.

But for us interest comes first and then comes tests and ranking. Have a look at our courses, buy one of the courses and experience a whole new paradigm of learning, where interest come first!

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