What does Virendra Sehwag have to do with Learning English at School?

What does Virendra Sehwag have to do with Learning English at School?

Flinnt courses are as live, as fresh and as interesting as the internet itself. The focus is on creating interest and exposure whereas most of the other online courses providers focus on explanation.

Here is an example:

When Virendra Sehwag writes a two line application to the BCCI, applying for the post of National Coach, our expert course providers convert it into an opportunity for the students to learn how to write a great application letter.

Today, the print media and the digital media i.e. Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp are carrying this news about Sehwag’s application. The Flinnt English courses also carry this news but in the context of helping learners learn how to write a great application letter. This not only helps grab the attention of those learners who are Sehwag or Cricket fans, but also brings out the fact that writing great applications is a skill that is required by even the most famous of persons.

The course providers at Flinnt keep looking out for fresh new learning opportunities and post fresh new posts on a daily basis, these posts connect what is being learnt to what is happening in the world.

Thus interest and exposure are created by bringing what is trending in the real world to the world of learning. This is a unique feature of the Flinnt courses as we believe that it is important to get students interested in learning. Once a student is interested then learning is just one step away.

For those students, who get motivated only by competition, Flinnt courses have quizzes which give comparative ranking and analysis. If interest and exposure doesn’t excite you then the competitiveness and ranking will definitely attract you. Each topic also has explanation videos and interactive activities to help the learner to learn more once interest has been created!

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