Making learning new words and spellings interesting and ongoing.

Making learning new words and spellings interesting and ongoing.

Imagine learning words like teetotaler and bibber from the controversy stoked by an MLA saying that even Hema Malini drinks.

Or imagine being able to learn homophones like ‘waive’ and ‘wave’ based on Yogi Adityanath’s farm loan waiver scheme.

These day to day posts based on what is trending in the society enable new words and spellings to learnt in a context and there is sufficient evidence to prove that the words learnt in a context are remembered and used for a long time. Here is a research article

Developing courses on Flinnt offers multiple benefits, one we can post fresh new content on a day to basis and we can also post structured content and quizzes.

Further to give more focus and rigor we conduct quizzes from time to time on a competitive basis, this makes the participants focus on specific areas of vocabulary and spelling

Participants in the course learn 3–4 new words every day and over a period of one year they would have not only learnt new words but they would have got accustomed to look at day to day contexts, newspaper reports, videos and social media posts and pick new words and spellings.

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