Story telling and reading time – A course for Parents

Story telling and reading time – A course for Parents

Most parents wish to contribute towards their child’s learning, but may not have the right tools to do so. The first step towards actual learning for a child is to develop the liking for written and oral words. Storytelling and reading to your child can help her/him become familiar with sounds, words, language, emotions and spark their imagination- all at the same time.

Reading aloud and sharing stories with your child is also a great way to spend time together.

Research has shown that from a very young age, children understand the basic structure of stories- (without anyone having to explain them)- Beginning, Middle and End. In fact if you try and change the story a little, they would quickly catch you saying “you aren’t telling it right”.

With this course, we thought of providing an opportunity for parents to simply ‘Go with the flow’; Don’t spend time worrying what should you pick to read to your child, what to do next., etc. rather simply- “Just do it”.

The Story Telling And Reading Time course gives you the tools you need to help your child develop that love for reading and learning. Not just that, it guides you towards using that tool to maximize your quality time with your own child and see her gradually turn into a happy reader herself.

The course has 5 stories and I will keep adding interesting posts and updates on a regular basis to keep the course fresh and fun for you and your child.

Enjoy the course!


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Watch the course Intro – Click here.

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