Discover Flinnt Communities!!!

Discover Flinnt Communities!!!

Content creation is a serious challenge for most individuals hence any platform that is designed for sharing also has to have sources to enable content discovery. The content should also be succinct and complete in a manner that the receiver can understand it and forward the same to the relevant group.

This is the common concept between Whatsapp, Hangout, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter like platforms wherein you discover the content and forward the same.

Similarly in the case of Flinnt, educators can access the resources relevant to the curriculum and forward the same to their students. These courses are called “Flinnt communities” and posts are shared regularly.

Communities On Flinnt

There are a wide range of communities, they are organized as per specific subjects and the content of different units in the curriculum. These communities share videos, images, worksheets, formulas, tricks relevant to the subjects. Other communities are of a general nature and share news, updates, quotes, daily words etc.

All the posts in these communities can be “reposted” to any of your group/courses using the “repost” feature.

You can browse & access the communities by clicking on “JOIN COMMUNITIES” button on the right side of the home page on

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