Supplementing Classroom Education with Online Learning: 5 Benefits for Students!

Supplementing Classroom Education with Online Learning: 5 Benefits for Students!

Blended learning, which is a combination of traditional on-site learning and online learning, is relatively a new concept for us. With everyone reiterating the cons of being glued to computer and mobile screens all day long, it is no wonder that educators and parents of school-going kids are sceptical about accepting online learning as a method of delivering educational information.

Nevertheless, online learning has several benefits, whether used as a standalone method of imparting knowledge or in conjunction with classroom education. As an educator or a parent, we know you might find this hard to believe; which is exactly why we’ve brought you this post highlighting the ways online learning can benefit young learners.
So read on and get ready for a positive change!

#1 Caters to Individuals of Varied Learning Styles
Everyone has a different learning style- some learn best when information is presented visually or aurally, while others learn better from a hands-on activity. When learning online, learners are sure to be presented with a range of knowledge resources in various formats, which will enable them to retain information better.

#2 Is Self-Paced
Traditional learning methods fail to let students learn at their own pace. Supplementing classroom teaching with online learning can provide all students a personal learning speed. In addition to this, students have the option of choosing what they want to learn and progress accordingly.

#3 Offers Opportunity for Interaction
Classrooms offer ample opportunity for interaction between students and teachers. However, a lot many students face difficulties communicating or asking questions. Online learning lowers barriers, removing the pressure of public speaking and enabling students to interact with each other and teachers boldly.

Furthermore, online learning apps and websites can offer a platform to teachers and parents of students, helping them stay connected easily.

#4 Enables Learning Round the Clock
While we don’t want to do away with traditional methods of learning altogether, online learning can be very advantageous in situations where students are unable to attend school due to health issues or other problems. Instead of missing classes for a day or more, they can be at par with their classmates by learning online whenever they can, without having to leave their house.

#5 Enhances Skills
Apart from subject matter, online learning can help students pick up several skills along the way. For starters, completing assignments and modules online within time frames can teach students time management and self-paced learning can encourage students to set goals and meet the same.

Online learning also fosters technology skills and teaches students to access information and media smartly. Moreover, since online learning offers opportunity for interaction, it can enhance communication skills too!

By supplementing classroom education with online learning, educators have the opportunity to inspire young minds and pave the way for a life full of learning. With support from parents of school-going kids, educators and educational institutions can successfully implement strategies that work for the all round development of little ones.

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