The Tropic of Cancer passed through our school

The Tropic of Cancer passed through our school

We can grab the children’s attention and interest when we can get them to relate what they are learning to what they see around them in the real life. Believe me latitudes and longitudes are not something that learners are dying to learn, it can be pretty dull and boring, I can vouch for it since my School days.

The tables have turned and nowadays I find myself standing on the other side of the bench, the children are on the other side and I am scratching my head trying to figure out how can I engage the attention of my learners. I realized the power of local content when I share the image of a signboard written in English and Gujarati saying “Tropic of Cancer is passing from here” and I asked where in Gujarat could this photograph have been taken. I sent this post on the Flinnt platform just before the lesson was to be introduced in class and guess what happened.

Many students immediately googled “tropic of Cancer + Gujarat” many took out their social science textbooks and started looking for the right information. Within no time the answers were on the comments section “Rann of Kutch” “Mehsana” “Nagalpur” and so on. Did I get the kids interested? Well they had already read the chapter and much more before I get the lesson started off in the class.

The biggest impact of Flinnt has been the ability to share interesting content with the learners without having to wait for the class to begin. I believe that half the job is getting the kids interested, the other half is the classroom teaching learning process. With Flinnt we are able to share interesting information with the learners much before they come into the classroom, this primes them up for the class. There is a sense of anticipation and that really works for me.

So Flinnt empowers me bring the Tropic of Cancer into my class just as it empowers me to bring lakes, trees, garbage dumps and all other interesting photographs from around the society.


Dhaval Patt

Supervisor @ H B Kapadia School, Memnagar, Ahmedabad

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