The book of the future looks like Tata Sky Daily Recharge!

The book of the future looks like Tata Sky Daily Recharge!

Would a book sent over Whatsapp, paragraph by paragraph, a sequence of say 1000 paragraphs or even more, interspersed with illustrations, video and some audio would it still be a book or would it be something else? I am assuming that nobody comments in between and everybody keeps to reading the book, message by message,70-487 pdf just like the new Rs.8/- daily recharge introduced by Tata Sky, the book comes to you paragraph by paragraph. A book like that would mean that you don’t have an excuse for not finding time to read it, at times you might read a few paragraphs at a time but even that would mean that you can read it as you flit from one chore to another or from one meeting to another. Well I am sure the book is not going to be sent over Whatsapp but some platform which provides the ability to send a variety of multimedia resources and descriptive text should lend itself to becoming the online book of the present and the future. In fact Flinnt might well be the platform if an educator sends a sequence of posts with text, images, videos and even documents related to a particular chapter, structured in the

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right manner, would it be any less explanatory than some pages in a text book. I am sure if you ask this question to a number of educators who are using Flinnt they would say that it would be much better than a static text book. On the occasion of #WorldBookDay I thought it fit to ask a few educators who were using Flinnt, Edmodo and other social learning platforms what did they feel was the future of the physical textbooks as we know them now. The answer should surprise nobody.

79% of the respondents were unequivocal in their response that online books is the way to go,

they also felt that this change would come around in the next 2-3 years time. Rest of them said that although online books would become a part of the teaching learning pedagogy but the physical textbooks are not going to go away atleast for the major part of the next decade. The data might be biased as the respondents are already using technology and they are already sending a series of posts related to the topic that they are teaching.352-001 pdf The percentage might be very different if the question had been asked to educators were not using any Learning Management System or a Social Learning Platform like Flinnt or schoology. But that is not really too important as most of the educators over the next couple of years will definitely dabble with some or the other such platform. What is more important is

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that once educators start using such a platform they start believing that the textbook can be replaced.

Here is what some of the educators that I interacted with as a apart of the survey are saying:

“Future Textbooks, I guess would be something like a touch screen smartbooks. When a thought arises you can touch the touch screen wall and scroll through the information” – Payal Mehta, S.N.Kansagara School.

“Textbooks as we know them will diminish with more use of technology. A vast one touch menu, learning and research based on interest will soon take over” – Ms. Shivani Mehta, Ahmedabad International School.

As long as we see a book as a series of interconnected thoughts with information, illustration and opinion and not just as a physical hard bound book the book will remain alive, you call it by any name.

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