Tech integration across school in TWO DAYS!!!

Tech integration across school in TWO DAYS!!!

Edtech evangalist is the new term coined for the people who firmly advocate the total integration of technology for learning and teaching. But the school leaders who have grappled with technology integration will know that passion is one thing and getting people to implement is another. Also technology is changing so fast that they are always in a quandary as to what to which technology to adopt and how fast to implement.

There are times when dilemma gives way to clarity and magic happens. This is exactly how the Principal Neeta Sharma at Bright Day School, Vadodara describes the process of technology implementation in her school. Bright School Vadodara got all its teachers, 1500 students and their parents to integrate technology in just two days.

Bright Day school is a CBSE and CBSE international school in Vadodara it draws its students from the middle and upper middle class segment of the society. Many parents use technology at their work place and most of them also use it on their mobile devices. To begin with the school was not sure what percentage of parents will have access to internet but they were pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

Communication plays an important role in any school; be it circulars, reminders, announcement or homeworks. The Bright Day School used to communicate by writing it in the diary.

Technology can impact many jobs in an educational institution but in communication technology can be easily assimilated and for Bright school it worked magically.

Bright discovered Flinnt through one of its business development executives, they found, Flinnt can help them with :

1. Push notifications which help parents/learners to receive messages immediately.
2. Views and likes shows the acknowledgement of parents/learners.

Vaishali Bhoite from Bright Day chool says that they distributed the circulars to the parents with details on how to register on Flinnt on the 30th of June. What knocked Vaishali’s socks off was the fact that by the 2nd of July around 1400 parents registered on Flinnt in the respective courses.

To the question “what made the parents register so fast” Vaishali says that the school has always taken decisions taking learners into centre. Parents considered new initiative with a lot of seriousness and therefore registered immediately when they got the circular.

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