Those who don’t

Those who don’t will die on stage from the sword of innovation.Peter Tertzakian is Executive Director of the ARC Energy Research Institute in Calgary, Alberta.David Staples: New Social Studies curriculum pushes social change, not historyThe rewriting of Alberta Social Studies curriculum is turning into an educational travesty..Opinion: Aboriginal fortunes rise and fall at whim of […]

Fleegle graduated from Duquesne

Fleegle graduated from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh in May 2008. After he graduated he worked and lived in Nova Scotia, Canada. He heard about the opportunity from his mother, who sent him a newspaper clipping about Lasky seeking a new owner. Yet somehow this process rapidly illuminated issues: the dam failure, the acid rock drainage, […]

It’s just water we’re putting

It’s just water we’re putting in the ground. It only increases the overall cost to the consumer.” Bob Muir spokesman for MWD, said cheap replenishment water isn’t available because of low water supply conditions caused by the drought and limitations of pumping from the Delta area in Northern California. “We need to be able to […]

Folks, you ain seen nothing

Folks, you ain seen nothing yet! The Edmonton journal said Albertans are leaving the province in droves, and small business confidance is at an all time low. Miss Phillips and her NDP ideology are ruining the Province. It gets worse. The case of Pacific Proton Therapy is the latest involving allegations of fraud with the […]

We are not talking

We are not talking about how good the steak is, or how to cook on a volcanic rock. We are talking about people forcing themselves to eat more than their stomachs can comfortably accommodate, perhaps making themselves ill. We are talking about gluttony in the name of publicity. I first went to the Mason’s Arms […]

Worse still, in what

Worse still, in what is being considered a test case by the UC Board of Regents, retirees no longer living in California have been removed from university’s insurance plans. Instead, they will be given a lump sum of $3,000 per year to help defray costs not covered by Medicare. This represents a significant shift of […]

The infamous publically

discredited super fraud L. Ron Hubbard was often Parsons’s “magical” buddy. cheap jerseysTogether they did many cool things, like participating in a ritual known as the Babalon Working, an attempt to summon a living goddess. Almost all log home manufacturers have an in house architect who will configure your plan to fit their own particular […]