overhead one that

Because you don’t know what you ask of me.” His reason doesn’t appear in the subtitles and the next shot is an overhead one that shows all the passers by lying on the ground next to him. Radiohead and director Jamie Thraves have never revealed what the man says (because there is no answer) but […]

On 5 December

On 5 December 2012 I chanced upon the collection of John Muir quotations at the Sierra Club’s “John Muir Exhibit”. The exhibit is a collection of web pages about Muir’s life and thought maintained by amateur Muir enthusiast Harold Wood. I’ve read most of Muir’s books and a number of his articles, so I was […]

Much like the series upon

Much like the series upon which “The Tomorrow People” is based, the titular heroes are people who have evolved to have powers like telekinesis, telepathy and teleportation don worry, they make fun of the “three Ts” repeatedly. Steven Jamison (Amell) begins the show as a brand new Tomorrow Person and soon finds out about a […]

It is time for Hawaiians to envision

It is time for Hawaiians to envision a better life through support of a conservative platform, by supporting republicans. It’s time to stop teaching “victimization” to Native Hawaiians and to support them and their unique culture; for all that it has given to us in our local society today.. The problems will mount further as […]

The statement made no mention of the dead

White, now accustomed to playing sassy old ladies, is of course cruder and more energized than the rest of her brood. And that nude scene would have been avoided had Tate looked straight out of the bathroom door rather than sideways.. Hop on the train for a quick 18 minute ride into the City of […]

The stage is set

The stage is set, the seats are prepped, and the artists are getting ready to perform in front of thousands before the first show today. But as a good Country Jam fan. Peabody alone has cleanup obligations of nearly $1.4 billion guaranteed by self bonding, according to statements filed by the company last year with […]

Once the business was established

I mean, I had noticed it not being around ages ago and figured it was in the back of a sock drawer, or in my mother’s jewelry box. As I told my classmate, who was satisfied the ring was mine after my description of the cheap, little, green glass stone in the middle, it wasn’t […]