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They also offer a great driving experience and ranges of more than 500 miles, making them ideal for those with long highway commutes. When it comes to carbon emissions “diesel pencils out about the same as an efficient gasoline car but not quite as efficient as the hybrids,” Reichmuth said. Volkswagen, for example, offers a […]

Lawrence was permitted

Lawrence was permitted to restore the gravestones of 13 veterans of wars ranging from the Revolutionary War to World War I. No human remains were to be disturbed in the work, the Navy warned. “We had to prove to the Navy we knew what we were doing,” Lawrence said. Several retired generals who worked close […]

Tasman Lake

Tasman Lake (largest at front) is at the foot of the Tasman glacier which runs along the front of them. The Hooker Glacier flows out behind Mt Cook coming down to meet the Mueller Glacier on the left of the photo. The Murchison Glacier is at the front of the photo running parallel with the […]

Retail crime impacts the safety

Retail crime impacts the safety and security of our employees and the consumers, says Tony Hunt, General Manager of Loss Prevention at London Drugs. Individuals committing these thefts are often desperate and prone to violent behavior. Many incidents of retail theft involve some type of violence. For one thing, there was this “Elegant Dress.” Looking […]

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Ben Lowenthal is a trial and appellate lawyer who grew up on Maui. State of Aloha alternates Fridays with Sarah RuppenthalCharles Campbell understood the significance of symbolic acts. After moving to the islands in the mid 1950s, he had landed a job as a newscaster at KGMB in 1962. “USP is that we are offering […]

Bong outlet

Bong outlet such as HerbTools may be used without water however it’s often recommended that you include h2o to help clear away tars from your smoke. I’ve ordered a large number of wine glass water bong outlets in Canada and i am rather aware of the large cost range attached with all of them. If […]


Big, handsome and with that brilliant seven year warranty, the Carens takes everything we like about the Cee’d hatch and estate and adds a loft conversion. The basic 115hp 2.0 litre diesel is just fine, but the 140hp version does have some useful extra grunt if you’re always hauling around a full load. Sliding side […]