Intellectual Property Rights : It matters!

Intellectual Property Rights : It matters!

What do you first do when you are looking for some image, content, design, symbol or video? Google it. Right? Well this has become the habit of internetples to copy-paste the content and reuse it. We do not take into consideration who has clicked the

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songs or remakes of movies, do they buy rights to reuse it? Yes they buy it. Because it is an intellectual property right which refers to creations of the mind, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; and symbols, names and images used in commerce. IPR in EdTech world: Intellectual property rights and licensing have become major issues as more cialis generic and more digital content has gone online. Educators and institutions need to know how to share and protect their own outputs while not infringing the rights of others. The huge potential of digital technology has also helped educators and learners create and reuse content more independently, so an understanding of rights can help them do this effectively and safely. Best

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possible solution: With the vigorous sharing of content in the EdTech world, open sources is the best suitable option available to the educators fraternity. Open source content is freely available to others to use and modify. Creative Commons is devoted to expanding the range of creative generic cialis works available for others to build upon legally and to share. Any work that is released under the Creative Commons (CC)

license is available to be used without any royalty to be paid to the creator of the work. It will good to become aware about the different licenses and how the work related to that license can be used On Flinnt we find educators sharing resources from the following repositories:

It would be good to windows 10 product key paypal contribute to this growing community of Open Source resources, each one of us if we could create and make available teaching learning resources under any of the Creative Commons license, we would have contributed to reducing the cost of education by a substantial amount. Even with open source resources it will be wonderful to give credit wherever possible, it motivates the individual or institution to keep producing Open Source resources. Today on Intellectual Property Day let us pledge to respect the intellectual property rights and also to contribute the growing body of Open Source Resources.

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