HBK School Flinnts over social media!

HBK School Flinnts over social media!

Success asks for two things, one is ability and other is opportunity. You might have the ability to be successful in your profession but what if you don’t get the relative opportunity. I was facing the same problem in my school which is one of the premium Gujarat Board school in Ahmedabad. But with the introduction of Flinnt,  I got the opportunity and the right platform to prove my abilities.

Flinnt is an app which connects educators and their students to share resources. When our school has started with Flinnt, they initiated it with some supervisors and heads of the institution. Fortunately I am one of the supervisor of my school and thus got an opportunity to use Flinnt to share some announcements, news, prep for some upcoming events within the formed group in the school.

But very soon I realised that this can be a very effective platform to interact with my students and teachers as well. This was the time when the management has indicated that if supervisors feel, they can take it forward with their respective departments.

No later than a fortnight we started getting feedback that the students are liking it and they have shifted their internet usage of social media to Flinnt. This was a great achievement in itself. Because parents always have a concern of their kids using excess social media. Students are really enthusiastic about Flinnt posts and  comments. The idea that the learning can be so interesting and interactive through technology is making them thrilled.

For an example recently I have posted a project on ICC World Cup and I saw a sudden boost in the comments and contribution from the students. Students were discussing the project then and there on the app and participating wholeheartedly. In fact even the next day they were so excited to discuss the topic in the classroom.

One more surprising thing happened, a student who never used to participate also started participating on Flinnt either because he was feeling shy speaking his mind in the class or because cricket interests him.

Flinnt is also being used to share the summary of each chapter as a mind map. This mind map helps students to revise the whole chapter step by step and provides them a second chance if the miss some sessions.

My students revisit not only mind maps but also particular chapters before each assessment, they can revise it well only because of the “tag” option available in Flinnt. Tags provide a structure to the course and enables retrieving and revision.

Another benefit is the enhanced interaction between teachers and parents. Parents have also started commenting on the platform on the dedicated page for parents where they were all praising the initiative taken by the school.

These frequent interactions help them to get the regular updates of the schools as well as the daily activities being performed in the school. This has validated their trust in the school.

Bharat Nadar

Bharat Nadar,


HB Kapadia New High School, Memnagar,


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