Experience with Flinnt in the past 2 months with regards to TKC.. By Abhishek Iyer

Experience with Flinnt in the past 2 months with regards to TKC.. By Abhishek Iyer

From an Idea to Execution with the help of Flinnt.

In June 2014, with Zero Learners, I started creating my own course in the name of TKC (Thought And Knowledge Catalogue) on Flinnt Platform. In just two months, I have got around 89 plus people and still counting.

Background on how Course was created and people got interested to Subscribe

Getting on to Social Media was a daily affair. Sharing, Uploading, Chatting, Liking, Commenting became a habit. Soon after 4-5 months, Social Media gradually turned out to be a Bore and reaching out to a focused group who want to keep themselves updated with latest updates happening in various parts of the country in various fields  like Sports, economy etc.

I had my own thought of doing something creative in reaching out to the people rather than following traditional path of just creating a social media page. My main motto was to get fame and that people should get associated with me cause of my passion of getting the latest updates and information related with Flinnt, when I will reach my 20s. I was highly inspired by Mr. Mark Zuckerberg who started his career in Social Media at the age of 8.“I had no idea of how to reach to people, communicate with them and invite them. “Then came the first idea of “Thought and Knowledge Catalogue”.As the name suggests, providing good thoughts, daily news updates and more.

“I knew, it was a tough job and had many questions bothering me.”

  • How should i  reach out to a Focused Group of People
  • How to assimilate them at once place and share and connect with them.
  • Will I get to reach People? And many more.

With no help and Information, I finally published this page from my Facebook account in January, 2014.Studies being around me, I had no option to give it the First Priority.

I slowed down posting on “Thought and Knowledge Catalogue”. Soon after my SSC got completed in March, 2014 I started focusing on it. I then invited my Facebook friends to Like it and Invite their friends. I pursued my passion of posting and started getting a flow of Likes. In Three-Month “Thought & Knowledge Catalogue” has received more than 150 Likes, with no Promotion, Advertisement.

Still reaching out to a focused group was always a concern for me with whom I can connect, share and discuss over latest issues and updates in sports, economy, auto industry etc.

In June, 2014 I came to know about “FLINNT” through some of my friends. I started exploring it and found that, one can run their own course, get learners. I can keep both Public as well as private courses to choose between my focused group and public group.

Hence the idea of how to reach out to a focused group got answered through flinnt and my motto of making my course popular among the masses was also resolved by keeping one course public. FLINNT is the most convenient and simple platform to connect with people and this i can say cause of my over experience and feedback from the people who are connected with me through TKC. Creating course and inviting learners to this platform was truly cake walk for me and I never felt a need to get trained for how to use Flinnt to achieve my dream of reaching out to people and sharing my expertise. The convenience of sharing and uploading through app itself has made my work much easier. Hence even if I am travelling, studying, freaking out with my friends etc i can still remain connected with my focused group and can share & discuss the latest updates and events happening around the Globe. Most impressive part for my on Flinnt was the retrieval option in which I can recollect the entire updates of the past just by choosing the tag, I would have kept while creating my learning posts.

TKC currently has more than 85 Learners in its Public Course at Flinnt Platform.

Thank You FLINNT for this…

Now I am successful in reaching out to people around the globe from my home and connecting with them directly over the common interest areas. Social Media is now, never a bore for me with Flinnt.

Happy Flinnting!!


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