Euro Kids Preschool communicates on App!

Euro Kids Preschool communicates on App!

I head the EuroKids, Shivranjani centre since the past 13 years, I am the Principal of this centre. It has been a great journey being with the largest Pre-school chainin India, now EuroKids has successfully nurtured 900+ preschools in 322 towns and cities across India.Being a part of a large and successful chain has its own advantages, I get access to the best learning resources and also a lot of teacher support. Hence the monitoring and guiding the teaching learning process has really not been a concern. In these 13 years my biggest concern has been to solicit parental cooperation and also establish communication and transparency with the parents.

For a better, efficient learning and teaching experience, it is important for the communication to flow from :


In fact with the growing impact of communication technology in the form of Whatsapp, Facebook and Gmail, parents are becoming more and more demanding in terms of the communication that they receive from school. I have been using a mix of all the three to communicate with my parents but I have always found that they are not best suited for my needs.

Then I discovered Flinnt. Flinnt is an App & Web based platform for the Educational Institutions and their teachers to communicate & share resources with students in collaborative learning environment. The biggest change because of Flinnt is that it has minimized the communication gap between the parents & teachers. Through our frequent updates on the Flinnt about the curriculum and topics being covered in the fun-rooms, they get the daily information about their kids and get a glimpse of the kids participating in the activity.

For e.g. our vegetable day celebration got the tremendous response from the parents where they got almost the live images and videos of the celebrations and they could also share their feedback on the same platform.

In this way Flinnt provides the possibility to keep parents well informed. It provides parents the opportunity to bridge the communication gap between themselves and the teachers. It also allows updating parents on the topics taught in the classroom.
For any preschool, the main stakeholders are their parents. So we leveraged the Flinnt app to gratify our parents and started updating some of the daily activities’images and videos too. This gives them an understanding about the teaching methodology and they know what is being taught in the classroom, which activities are being performed to teach a particular outcome & what other ideas are there of teaching the same concept in various other ways as well.

Hence, Flint has provided the platform of bringing clarity through communication. Eurokids parents no longer have to worry about “Guessing” what their children are doing in school. Instead, a right sense of direction is provided through clear communication.
I can see that going forward the Indian preschool segment’s primary clients will be working parents and they don’t have time to comedown to the school and see their kids’ growth. Flinnt makes it possible for us to provide them with what is needed in no time.

Ms Chhaya Shroff,
Euro Kids – Shivranjani,



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