Don’t break the connection with your learners in this Diwali break!

Don’t break the connection with your learners in this Diwali break!

The Diwali vacations are round the corner and schools are about to close for more than 15 to 20 days. Diwali vacations are the 2nd longest vacations after the summer break. But the summer vacations generally come post the academic session. Hence diwali vacations are the only vacations which breaks into the running academic year. In the age of engagement where even Amitabh Bachhan and Shahrukh Khan remain connected with their fans, can educators afford to break the engagement with their learners.

Generally teachers give some Diwali homework, activities or projects to do during Diwali break and most of the students finish them in the last days of the vacations. Rushing to complete the assignments is not what most educators want, the whole objective behind the assignments is to keep the learners connected with the subjects during the break. Educators do not want their students to look at these assignments as a job to be done.

This Diwali, don’t give out the vacation assignments before the break, tell your students to stay connected through Flinnt and that they can keep discussing the subject and explore the assignments to be done. You really don’t want the students to feel that the teacher only send out work, so to keep the engagement going you can send some of the following:

Send Greeting messages:

Technology is the ultimate medium for connecting with students and their parents. Through Flinnt you can easily send diwali wishes in a one click to all your parents and they can reply back to you on the same post. That will keep you connected with your parents.

Safety Precautions:

Without crackers Diwali is incomplete. As you all know, fire and crackers can be dangerous if you don’t take proper precautions. Sharing tips and safety measures for diwali can be an excellent way to stay in touch. Some interesting videos showing safety precautions for diwali can also be shared. Past experiences relating to safety precautions could be a good example to share with kids. Get the students and parents to share what precautions they are taking.

Share videos:

Sharing videos based on mythology related to Diwali; how Diwali is celebrated in different ways in the different states; festive foods; culture and its relation to the curriculum would be an excellent idea. Video will engage them and they will definitely cover some of the topics of syllabus in Diwali vacations 😉 A small assignment based on the video will definitely not hurt.

Upload Images:

A small image can communicate a lot which sometimes even words fail to. So images based on facts and figures about diwali, pictures of diwali celebrations at school or if you are travelling to some other city then share pics of the speciality of that city. If you are a geography, history or a language teacher you can get the learners to learn about all these subjects with reference to the city that you are traveling to. You can also attach a questionnaire or worksheet with the images to make them explore and learn through the information sent to them.

Communicate homework:

Be it a worksheet, project, homework or any other activity, through Flinnt teachers can communicate Diwali homework and this will be a secure place where they can retrieve it and revisit it anytime. Parents will also be aware of all homework ommunicated by school. A single page assignment never looks daunting, encourage the learners to complete the work on the same day!

Technology makes the world a small place, let’s use Flinnt to connect with the learners by sending messages, videos, images and even worksheets.

Happy Flinnting and Happy Diwali!

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