Just 3 Steps to get your institution on Flinnt

Just 3 Steps to get your institution on Flinnt
Flinnt enables Institutions and Experts to Communicate and Teach Online for Free.
There are just three easy steps:
  1. Go to https://www.flinnt.com/signup/institute/
  2. Fill the required 7 details, especially the ‘Public Page Name’, it should reflect your brand or the name of your institution.
  3. Submit it and you are ready to roll.
For any assistance pl. feel free to give Kinjal or Pratiksha a call on 07940149800 & they will support you through the process of signing up and getting your institution on Flinnt.
Email us on : hello@flinnt.com
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  1. I have been using Flinnt for my Students for more than 2 months. I like this application as it give power in the hands of Teachers – to add users, monitor what they are viewing. The posts are immediately view-able in their mobile like Whats-app, which alerts them. The Concept of Whats-app with Learning in mind is used for the benefit of Teacher & Students. I hope more Institutions will start using it. The First Challenge is getting Teachers to use this platform. Students are consumers of this process. It is when Teachers find technology change difficult or consider it waste of time that such concepts fails.
    Thanks to Flinnt Team.

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